WOOM SOUND EXPERIENCE with David & Elian October 5th 2018


Friday October 5th 2018 7:30pm

Our signature sonic journey inward invites you to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness in a safe and supportive setting.

*Advance and day-of rates may differ.


Woom Center

274 Bowery, 2nd Floor (bet. Houston & Prince)
New York, NY 10012



An immersive sonic journey inward in 5 parts:

Talk. David & Elian will share data drawn from research, education and personal experience with sound, and introduce effective techniques on how to utilize it as a tool for meditation.

Vocal Toning. An invitation to explore the delicate balance between contributing to and receiving from the collective. Using your natural instrument, you will be encouraged to discover and share your own uniqueness, while tuning into the surrounding environment. This wordless form of vocalization will serve as a platform for self-expression, release and invocation.

Breathwork. Inspired by Dr. Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic technique, you will be guided through a powerful breath that will enable you to disconnect from the overthinking “monkey mind” just enough to reach heightened states of awareness and a deeper state of meditation.

Sound. David & Elian will play a an intuitive sequence of overtone-emitting instruments, including gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, chimes and more.

Connecting. An opportunity to share musings, thoughts, feelings and poetics about our individual experiences.