Shamanic Sound Meditation ‪Nov 17th 7-9pm‬

Shamanic Sound Meditation

with Bhajan Akal and Swaranpal

Illumina East

Nov 17th 7-9pm

Illumina East

96 Avenue B

East Village

New York, NY 10009




Our Multi Lineage Shamanic Sound meditation is one of it’s kind.

This meditation will commence by preparing the body for deep relaxation with a Tantric Tibetan Meditation ( Ningma Lineage), a Kundalini re-birthing Kriya, and Pure Flower essences.

Finally, fall into a deep state of healing and bio-rhythmic attunement. Featuring 36’ Paiste Pluto Gong, 2- 32” Paiste Symphonic Gongs, a rare Tibetan Green Tara temple Drum, South American Howlers, A chakra tuned Nepalese singing bowls, Tibetan temple bells, Indian Shruti Boxes, and other eastern ritual/ healing instruments.